About Us


The Hammerlock is a fundamental pro wrestling hold. It is about dominance, advantage, strength and control. It is one of the many building blocks of pro wrestling. 

Hammerlock Pure Wrestling is Ontario's latest development on the pro wrestling scene.

Hammelock Pure Wrestling travels around South Western Ontario entertaining everyone from the loud long time wrestling fan to new wrestling fans.

Want Hammerlock to come to your town or for a corporate even contact us today and we can discuss the different opportunities.

Our Mission Statement

Hammerlock Pure Wrestling was developed to celebrate the long-established local professional wrestling scene while stressing athletic, competitive pro wrestling, with a classic good versus evil approach. We will be a throwback of sorts with a nod to an old school appeal for local crowds, while not insulting the intelligence of the dedicated local fan base.


Hammerlock Pure Wrestling believes in providing a family-friendly environment and spectacle, while maintaining an affordable experience for families and fans of all ages. No over the top violence, language or raunchy and questionable scenarios for parents to worry about.

Hammerlock Pure Wrestling supports all our athletes and fans, regardless of sexual orientation, race, gender, religion or ethnicity. We expect our athletes and fans who attend and participate in our wrestling events to respect each other and enjoy the experience in a responsible manner. 


Hammerlock Pure Wrestling works closely with all venues to follow their existing policies and codes of conduct, while maintaining our core beliefs of keeping a safe, inclusive, and respectful environment.


Anyone who conducts themselves in a manner that is offensive or disrespectful to the wrestlers or other fans will be subject to removal from the venue at the discretion of Hammerlock Wrestling personnel. Together we can foster and grow an experience that is respectful for everyone attending and grow the fan base of professional wrestling.